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Muy Buenas!

Gente me tomo unos dias, asiq la pagina no se actualizara hasta la semana que viene, espero no dejen de visitar de todas formas!

I took off for a cupple of days, so the page won´t be updated till nex week, keep visiting us!

Entrar a Galeria de Fotos de Chicas Amateurs del 12/03
Enter to the 12/03 Amateur Pics Gallery.

Para mantener este sitio vivo por favor haz unos clicks en la sección Publicidad, no toma tiempo y nos ayuda a crecer. Gracias!!

To keep this site alive, please make some clicks in the Ads Section, it won´t take long and will help us to grow. Thanks!!

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    Hello :)

    Asking people to click on your ads is a nice idea and you deserve it. But what about people like me who use adblock carefully tuned, and don’t see any advertisement ?

    My advice is that you also give an hyperlink “click here to open an ad and support me, thanks a lot”.

    That is called “raw click” by adult ad world (AAW), for instance.

    I think that would work well : for instance, I am reluctant to deactivating adblock to open your ads (”who knows if there won’t be a hell of popups”, do you see the idea), but I’d be happy to click a text hyperlink, and I think that many other people would do the same.

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